Family Salon and Spa



Family Salon and Spa

Reenz was founded by Reena Manoj back in 2014. As an amazing entrepreneur who has a great passion for the beauty industry, she developed her first start-up salon business into a fast-growing venture -- Today, Reenz has grown into one of the leading salons in Trivandrum, Paripally and Kazhakuttom.

Through the years from its humble beginnings, Reenz aimed at one thing only - to empower men and women with beauty, finesse and confidence. With the help of her hardworking staff and colleagues, Reenz continues to provide world-class salon and spa services in the area.

From hairdressing to eyebrow tattooing, Reenz innovates and improves their line of products and services in order to provide great customer service and customer satisfaction.

They say ART is an expression of human creativity and imagination. Indeed it is, and over thousands of years, body tattoo is the art form that we found to be one of the most exciting art there is. Here at Reenz, we help you transform your body into something very beautiful - to express your innermost thoughts and passion to the world around you.
Our body is one of the greatest investments we have in our lives. We work hard every single day to survive and to succeed in life where our bodies and our health take the price of being stressed out and beaten. Here at Reenz, we make sure to take away stress and rejuvenate your bodies with a relaxing Body Massage through our gentle and caring hands.
To further rejuvenate and make our bodies feeling fresh, clean and moisturized, a body polish or scrub is necessary. Every day, chemicals and pollutions stack up our skins with dirt leaving them dry and dull. Let us help you take those away and give you the smoothness your body and skin deserve.

They say eyes are the windows to the soul and eyebrows are voices that speak louder than words. Thus, let us help your soul be seen and your voices be heard, while we bring back what was lost and regain the Natural Beauty you once had.
Our hairs play a big part of who we are. They visually communicate our passion and our character. When not taken good care of, they get damaged - losing their shine, their flexibility and beauty. Let us help you rebuild those damaged areas with our Keratin Treatment.
Finding the perfect artist to do your makeup for your wedding day is quite crucial. In fact, it is one of the most delicate parts of the preparation. Let us help you become Flawless and walk down the aisle with beauty, confidence and finesse - having your groom fall in love with you all over again.

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