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Beauty is a unique expression of any person which reflects the personality of the person in the true manner. In today's era, we all want to look beautiful as well as like to get attention by somebody else also. However, beauty is just like the garden which must be maintained and should be take care from time to time by the beauty professionals. Therefore, why we should hesitate or feel shy for making our appearance beautiful and confident.Our skin reflects our personality so ignoring the skin means we are not considering our personality as important as it should be in our life.
First time guests and clients are surprised at the huge variety of treatments that we are providing. As you enter the door way to the "LIFE WIN WAY'' natural gents Spa and walk down the calming hallway you'll instantly feel your body and soul relax.The hallway is lined with warmth and elegance and it will lead you to a tranquil setting for your chosen aesthetic, health or wellness treatment that is designed to exceed your greatest expectations Through caring and nurturing hands our team will empower all who enter to reach their goals in the pathway to the wellness.It's often the little things that create memorable experiences and haunting tone of music at just the right volume and a therapist with excellent therapy skills who truly cares So come on a journey with us through '' LIFE WIN WAY '' natural gents Spa for your healthy and disease free life.

Abhayanga -Rejuvenating & Detoxifying
Abhyanga is a form of Ayurvedic medicine that involves massage of the body with large amounts of warm oil. The oil is often pre-mixed with herbs for specific conditions.

A full body,medicated herbal oil rub, Releases joints and relaxes muscles, Increases blood circulation,elimination of metabolic waste, Relief from anxiety, fatigue,circulatory disorders.

Mukha Lepam-Ayurvedic Facial
Mukha Lepam is a simple yet effective skin care treatment in Ayurveda, which is done using herbal powder and fresh cream.

Presents aging of skin,avoids wrinkles, Gives good skin tone, Avoids pigmentation or discoloration of facial skin, benefiacial in treating dryness, pimples,excess oil, sun burn , related conditions.

Udwardhana-Obesity,Skin & Joint Care
Udwarthanam is one of the most sought after Ayurvedic treatments for weight loss. It is a special deep tissue massage using herbal powders.

Dry massage procedure using herbal powders, Useful for weight reduction, Purify tone and exfoliate the skin cells for a luminous glow.

Kadi Vasti-Spine Care
Kadi Vasti. This is a unique herbal treatment for spinal disorders, back pain, lumbar spondylosis, degenerative inter-vertebral disc prolapse, sciatica etc.

Effective for low back pain, Muscle aches & Stiffness.

Janu Vasti-Knee Care
Janu Vasti or Janu Basti is a specialized ayurvedic treatment to relieve the knee pain caused due to arthritis by strengthening the knee muscles and joints.

Effective for Knee Pain, Stiffness & Swelling, Arthirits of the Knee.

Nasyam-ENT Care
Nasyam is very effective Ayurveda remedy and it ensures relaxation for head related problems especially for many type of headaches.

Sinusitis, Nasal Block, Releases joints and relaxes muscles, All kinds of headache including Migrane, Insomania, paralysis, mental disorders &Skin diseases, Medicated oils are administered through nose for 7 to 14 days.

Pathra Pothrathi Sredam
A full body massage where warm cotton cloth bundles filled with herbsare vigorously stroked.

Effective for neck stiffness, back stiffness, muscleaches, joint pain, Back pain, neck pain, arthiritis, obesity, headache

Pashpa Svetham-Detoxifying steam bath
Medicated Steam created with detoxifying and balancing herbs surrounds your body from neck to toes.

Relieves from obesity, arthiritis, muscle aches, body pain, stiffness, asthma, allergies, colds.
Can be done generally for everyone.

Padha abhyangam
Foot massage using herbal oil or cream stimulates acupressure points in the feet and lower legs.

Foot pain, burning feet ,difficultysleeping, stress, hypertension, diabetes.
Generally for everyone

Siro abhyangam
Massage of the head, neck, and shoulders using calming herbal oils.

Effective for headache, migraine, hypertension, difficultysleeping, stress, asthma, hair fall, dandruff and stress

Siro dhara

Enhances mental function, Soothes away mental stress, Relaxation and innerpeace, Depression, anxiety, migraine & otherheadaches.

Effective for body pain, joint pain, back pain, muscleaches, arthritis, numbness, diabetes, hypertension, stress, headache, migraine, tiredness and difficulty sleeping.

Uro vasti
Effective for asthma, colds, respiratory problems and muscular chest pain.

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