Ayurvedic Wellness & Colon Hydro Therapy


Freedom Nature Clinic

Ayurvedic Wellness & Colon Hydro Therapy

Freedom Nature Clinic dedicated to propagate the message of positive health attained by way of holistic living. Operating since 2007, we have a patient record of over 4000 comprising mainly of those seeking treatments for back pain, joint and musculo skeletal problems, neurological disorders, sports injuries, stroke, diabetes, allergic disorders, skin problems, migraine etc. With a comprehensive and scientific approach to identifying and rectifying the root cause of your health problems we have evolved unique therapy modalities for specific medical conditions, the most effective and widely employed one being ‘Physio-Veda Therapy’. Curative strategies of detoxification, healing and strengthening using herbal medicines and preventive. Support by lifestyle modification, diet and exercise programs are special features of the authentic Ayurvedic practice in our holistic health center.

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