Family Makeover Studio



Family Makeover Studio

Everlush was established in 1990, with a dream to create a brand with most friendly and flexible, intensive beauty services with highest quality of service.

We aim to charge up positivity in to all our customers which is automatically passed on to them when we change the way they looked. Seena Noushad the Founder of Femina’s Beauty Salon and Spa, holds a post graduate from Shahnaz Hussain Institute, New Delhi in Cosmetology and Beauty therapy.She pioneers a new era in the hair, skin and beauty care which is achieved by identifying the right treatment for her esteemed customers.

Everlush  is a unisex beauty salon that is established in the capital city of Kerala at Trivandrum and is a versatile yet affordable salon brand in the city. At Femina’s Beauty Salon and Spa, we are constantly updating ourselves with international fashion trends and reinterpreting them to suit Indian sensibilities. Our professional hairdressers, beauty care experts and makeup artists use only quality products and the latest equipment; strive to incorporate fresh creative ideas to bring out the best in our every valuable customer.

We do all kind of Makeups as Bridal, Media and Party Makups. Our metallic facials are of wide varieties including the stem cell facials. We are very well known for our outstanding designs of Mehandi. Our versatile range of hair and beauty care including hand care and foot care services rendered by our professionals are designed to provide courteous and impeccable service to meet the highest standards.


We pride ourselves in providing a very personal service, using our team of fully qua Wed skilled hair, make-up artist and draping artists .Every bride is unique and wants to achieve a natural effortless beauty on her wedding day. She wants to be radiant, feminine and feel the confidence that comes from Minn Bridal make up is an important part of bridal dressing. Along with the shinning Jewellery and a gorgeous wedding dress if the makeup and the hair do is (inappropriate) than their beauty are also maned .So it’s very important to brow about the light kind of bridal make up that would suit the brides taste and skin one. Our team uses this unique experience to explore a wide range of possibles allowing you to choose a style and image which makes you feel elegant and sophisticated. We embrace the experience of working with the whole wedding party and take pleasure m inducting your family members on this special day. We will assist in creating a calm enjoyable experience, keeping your wedding day stress free and ensuring you and your family look your very best on the most memorable day of your life. We also have packages for grooms to be.


Media Makeup is no longer indulgence of the elite. Rather, it has become a base criterion for social acceptance. Keeping this in mind, we have launched media makeup as a separate service line, spinning off traditionally salon-based services into a specialty offering.


Get ready for your party in style! We offer a whole host of make-ups and beauty packages to suit the occasion you are planning to get dolled up for. Be it a wedding party, birthday party engagement party; corporate party, or a college fresher’s party- we will give you the right make-up and hairstyle to make you look your best. We offer customized, ravishing party make-ups to suit your personality as well as the occasion


Exquisite bridal makeup and intricate mehandi designs are two of the many things which complete the bride. Feminasspa is one beauty hub where you can avail both beauty and mehendi decoration services.
Mehendi, a common shrub is known to have been in use in all parts of the world since time immemorial. The traditional way of painting hand and feet with mehendi is still popular, especially among brides. Decorating the bride’s hand and feet with the application of henna Or mehendi is symbolic of the auspicious occasion. Besides decorating the hands and feet it is a popular dye to color hair his also used as a home remedy for various minor ailments
The application of mehendi is an art that is fascinating and exciting. A combination of geometrical and floral patterns is used in this decorative art


Body Spa captures all the elegant flavours of bliss itself within its comforting environs Massage, bodywork and somatic therapies arte defined as the application of various techniques to the muscular structure and soft tissues of the human body.


We have a variety of body massages done by experienced your trust and your body in loving hands of trained professional massage therapist.Massage creates an overall feeling of wellbeing.


Stress, body pains,dull lifeless skin, ageing process can be best prevented by adding a steam bath to your life. We offer you the freedom to enjoy a wonderful steam bath whenever you want in the comfort of your own home.


Our objective is to provide effective therapies for skin care,skin aesthetics and chronic problems while enhancing the fundamentals of good skin.We offer a comprehensive range of treatments ranging from clean-ups & facials to laser, anti-ageing & anti- pigmentation therapies. We have expertise in a range of advanced solutions address acne, under-eye treatments and skin lightening etc.
    Pigment treatment
    Anti-aging treatment
    Revitalizing treatment
    Reparing treatment
    Restoration treatment
    C-power treatment
    Caviar treatment
    Acne and Pimple treatment
    Open pores treatment


We are applying International Hygienic Standards and have fully sterilized environment in Feminasspa.
We use pre-sterilized disposable tattoo equipments, Tattoo needles, Grips, Tips & Grips Extensions bare Disposable. Along with delivering excellent artwork, we also pay close attention to Hygienic protocols & good tattoo shop practice
Tattooing over a scar is a way of hiding disfigurement or a bad memory.Different types of scar injuries require different types of tattoo & in such cases scars must be fully healed.


A manicure is a cosmetic beauty treatment for the fingernails and hands by a nail technician and it can be just for the hands or nails, or can be for both. a Pedicure is a way to improve the appearance of the feet, and their nails. It basically is a manicure for the feet.
We provide the following treatment in Hand & foot care:

    Pedicure spa
    Manicure spa
    ocean secret foot spa
    Heel seal treatment
    Paraffin Wax
    Hand and leg discoloration treatment
    Foot reflexology treatment
    Painless peel treatment (cracks)


A facial will help you get rid of the blackheads and a mask in the facial targets the specific requirement of the skin like skin lightening, glow, oily skin, to reduce acne, reduce tanning etc. A facial does for your skin what a month of exercise and good nutrition does for your body-noticeably improve its bah and feel We have a whole team of highly experienced to ensure personalized treatment that target the root cause of the problem externally as well as internally We are well equipped with state-of-the-art that can erase all your skin related problems. Just as if they were never there
we are specializing in Metallic Facials like
    Stem Cell


Hair health is a reflection of how healthy or unhealthy your life is. Taking care of your hair is as important as any other part of the body. Our stylists are Equipped with the knowledge of latest trends and most recent styles. Our Hair coloring products are safe to your hair.
Care at Feminasspa includes the below services-

    Hair spa
    Henna Hair color
    Hair Straightening
    Hair Perming
    Hair Smoothening
    Hair Texturizing
    Hair Volumizing
    Dandruff treatment
    Hair growth treatment
    Hair loss treatment


We provide the right treatment according to your skin, face, lifestyle, age, and personality. Today ear-piercing is a fashion statement. An attractive pair or studs or ear nags add to the glamour and beauty of a person. Children with ears pierced can sport the most colorful and attractive studs that make them look adorable.
We have the latest ear piercing and nose piercing arrangements. Our professionals attend to the task with the most advanced piercing gun. All women need a good ear piercing solution. We handle the task for teenagers and grown-up women.
Painless earlobe repairing treatment
Broken or torn ear lobes can be repaired & closed within 10 minutes without surgery or pain


With microblading, the technician uses extremely small blades to make tiny, hairlike incisions right above the dermis layer of the skin while depositing pigment directly into those incisions. As a result, your brows will naturally fade over time and require touch-ups. Because microblading is a semipermanent procedure, your brows will last anywhere from one to three years. This is unlike what happens with a tattoo artist, who injects ink below the dermis, making the results hella permanent.

*The amount collected as advance will be deducted from the final bill ( NO BOOKING CHARGES ).
Charges of services may vary, discount and offers may be available at the point of service.