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WE have all treatments for skin and hair Our specialty: Bleach free facials

Now we started an aesthetic alternative clinic for face enhancement

  1. Opens pores problem
  2. Wrinkles
  3. Skin sag (Skin lifting possible)
  4. Pigmentation
  5. Heavy pimples
  6. Brightening
  7. Dark circles and patches

Diya’s Cosmetology and alternative therapy clinic
Our treatment method is entirely different from the cosmetology clinics. We give solutions to those problems that cannot be solved by facials.
  1. Open pores
  2. Wrinkles
  3. Skin sag(lifting happens)
  4. Dark circles
  5. More brightening
  6. Heavy pimples
  7. Pigmentation

It is a non medical non chemical skin rejuvenation treatment obtained through some therapies and a machine
The condense results are given below:

Here dark circles removed. Got brightening open pored problem also removed

After five treatments I got my 10 yrs back skin

Before she has
  1. Open pores
  2. Dark circles around eyes
  3. Skin sag
  4. Dark patches and wrinkled skin

After a brightening and lifting section all her problems got solved . now she looks more younger

It is a medical case pimpled nature skin. She is and MD student in her third sitting she got and amazing result and her skin texture also improved. She is continuing the sitting for complete change.

After doing her lifting section the folding from her nose side get removed with one sitting.

She got an amazing result with one sitting that included a brightening and lifting section. She is also containing her treatment for complete changes.

She got a wonderful result with one sitting. In appearance her age get reduced. Het circles around the eye area got changes, lifting happened skin improved.

She also got a better skin after one sitting. Her darkness around eye area and all around the face get changed.

She got changes in the darkness around eye area and her brightening happened.

She also got a better skin with improvements in wrinkles and darkness.

Branch: Medical College- Trivandrum

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