Hair & Beauty Family Lounge



Hair & Beauty Family Lounge

Today Cucumba Hair& Beauty Family Lounge has become the first choice of people in Kochi. What a blessing it has been to service so many wonderful people and their families in our studios.We started our first full service beauty salon in Manorama junction, Kochi with 20 celebrity hair stylists and a 4000 square feet store. Our hairstyles range from classic-conventional to ultra-mod, whether you’re looking for a pony, curly, wavy or something traditional or trendy, or something special for some special event, we do it all! Our professionally trained stylists are more than just stylists, for they are condensed with an artistic approach which they serve every clients.

Cucumba Hair& Beauty Family Lounge, We are introduced first time in Kerala.

*The amount collected as advance will be deducted from the final bill ( NO BOOKING CHARGES ).
Charges of services may vary, discount and offers may be available at the point of service.