Car Cardiac Care is one of the services provided by the mother company JP & GP Marketers and Consultants PVT LTD. Car Cardiac Care is not like any traditional garages you have seen till now. We don't leak oil and grease like normal workshops. We do preventive maintainence for your engine which will double the life of your engine.
We aim to build up strength by improving the technically backward segments of the community and to usher in prosperity into their lives through technological advancement and simultaneously to empower and guide the technically-savvy upwardly mobile avant-garde segments of the community.

Vehicles that run using fuel does so by burning the fuel inside combustion chamber. When anything burns smoke and soot is formed. Only 80% of the carbon so formed during combustion is ejected out through the exhaust. Rest 10% is removed through lubrication oil change. Remaining about 10% remains inside the combustion chamber on the valves, cylinder head, piston-top, cylinder wall etc.
This sticky carbon is the silent killer of vehicle’s engine. There was only one solution to remove this carbon which was overhauling the engine. But this consumes too much time as well as money and there was no perfection and was totally a game of luck. But now we have introduced oxy-hydrogen carbon cleaning technology for the first time in south India Through this we can remove carbon in just 30 minutes without dismantling the engine.

*The amount collected as advance will be deducted from the final bill ( NO BOOKING CHARGES ).
Charges of services may vary, discount and offers may be available at the point of service.