Professional Makeup Studio



Professional Makeup Studio

At our spa and salon, we believe in the truly transformational effect that relaxed body, gorgeous hair and face can have on the way we look and feel, we also believe that it's something everyone should be able to benefit from. At affordable prices, we're here to help make the well acclaimed experience available to all.

Be assured, you will walk out feeling like a million bucks!

Alana Casa Professional Make Up Studio,
Backed by a strong hairstyling legacy, we offer head to toe beauty and grooming services, coupled with expert global products, all under one roof. Beautiful in function and form, our treatments enriches your beauty with superior quality. Our team of experts provide the best hair care, make up, spa, nail art, pedicure, manicure, body and face care. We believe that each person has unique hair that requires personalised attention. Tell us – is there anything worse than a day turning out to be bad because your face looks dull or your hair has become frizzy and dry ? Whether you’re getting married, heading to a party, or need to pamper your hair , we’re here for you.

Hair & Scalp
Invest undoubtedly in your hair - you wear it everyday. Not sure if you want your hair long, short or textured? Our stylists are here to help you choose the cut and style that suits your personality and lifestyle. Be it cutting, colouring, curling, straightening, smoothening or a hair spa our guests are taken care completely from start to finish. Our trained masseuses are extensively trained in providing the best head massage services.

Face & Skin
Healthy skin is a reflection of overall wellness. And, here we guide you through the path towards flawless beauty and healthy skin. The appearance of our face and skin plays a vital role in our well-being. To make you look more beautiful we provide you with the best massages, facials, waxing and threading services. Our suite of offered luxe skin and face services focuses more on giving you a spotless skin oozing with shine.

Tips & Toes
Happiness is having the prettiest and most attractive nails. Do you like to experiment something fun and new with your nails, but wonder how to? Come to us, and choose from an array of our nail services. Whatever the size of your nails and fingers, we have a thing for all types of hand. You love the attention, and we are pretty good at giving. Our expertise lies in nail art, cut & filing, nail extension, nail painting, manicure, pedicure, etc.

Grooming & Makeup
For special occasions to look special, one needs to apply a perfect makeup that goes in sync with the overall composition of the attire and accessories. Be it a bride or groom, a little error in creating a perfect blush and radiance can take a toll on overall charm. We offer a complete array of makeup solutions for Brides and Grooms. Just say hi and we will be equally excited to be a part of one of the most memorable and exciting moment of your life!

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